Friday, June 29, 2007

Already Behind on Posting

So much for my handy dandy schedule! I got overwhelmed by work/home stuff and haven't posted as planned.

I've started watching Life on Mars, a BBC series that aired 16 episodes over 2006-2007. (David Kelley is planning a remake in the US.) I'd read the pilot script here a few weeks ago and was intrigued, then even more so by John Simm's (Sam, the main character of LoM) appearance on Doctor Who.

LoM is about Sam Tyler, a police detective investigating a serial killer who is hit by a car and wakes up back in 1973. But is it time travel or a coma? Who knows. What I like about the show is the fish out of water story of the 2006 metrosexual Sam amid the misogynist frat party atmosphere of the 1973 police headquarters. I especially love Hunt, the traditional slightly corrupt/ed old school boss.

The scenes of sexism towards the women officers (WCPs, they were called) make you wince. It's not that long ago that such behavior was condoned. It does remind you that Anita Hill started working for Clarence Thomas only 8 years later.

But more importantly, it makes me think about how things I once found funny and remember as funny aren't all that funny any more. Case in point: Eddie Murphy's HBO special, Delirious. My sister and I still quote lines from that show. "Oh my god I'm falling down the stairs!" "Ice cream, I got some ice cream. You want some? Psych!" Wow, that was 1983. But part of that routine is a pretty homophobic riff on how Mr. T would be if he were gay. Years later, my sister and I found a video of Delirious and put it on, excited, only to turn to each other in embarrassment when it came to that part.

So I appreciate what LoM is trying to do--remind us that those days of "fun" humor where people could just joke around without fear of being politically correct, were kind of painful to experience.

I'm sure there's some sort of comparison to be made to SCOTUS's ruling on affirmative action this week, relating to people's capacity for remembering the past far more positively than it actually happened.

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