Sunday, July 08, 2007

Well, that was an unexpected break. After promising myself I would write every day, I've basically been silent for the past week. Part of that can be explained: we were in New York for 4-5 days visiting family. But also, I just haven't been able to stay focussed at night when it is prime blogging time.

My biggest obsession lately has been organizing: organizing rooms, furniture, paperwork, food in the kitchen. Planning planning planning. I am great with the big ideas and not so good with the follow through, which pretty much describes 90% of people, right? I make lists and lists and lists and slowly cross off items I've completed. I have a 4-part list right now with 4 categories:

1. Monday with kids (list of everything I need to do with them).
2. Home (pretty much all my organizing/cleaning things)
3. Outdoors (gardening etc.; can't touch these tasks till at least 5 pm, when it's cooler)
4. Shopping (oh, I have been making quite a dent here).

I've spent hundreds of dollars in the past few days. I've bought:
- curtains
- a storage ottoman
- a purse organizer
- dresser drawer organizers
- Quicken

What is sad is how much work it takes to get organized. And even once you do it, you're never as organized as you think you will be. My issue is this: during the school year I am always so busy and tired that I want to do everything now so that all processes are streamlined and I can devote more time to fun/kids/relaxation between September and May than to cleaning/organizing.

My secondary goal is to make home improvements. I am so glad I pushed myself on painting in June because the heat now is rendering me fairly immobile. I also managed to pull my left hamstring, which makes bending difficult.

I wish I had something ... wise to say, but I don't. I'm just explaining myself. Tomorrow is Monday, and I hope to write something tomorrow more thoughtful and less whiny.

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