Thursday, November 22, 2007

Buy Nothing Day?

Tomorrow is Black Friday, and it's also promoted as Buy Nothing Day by anti-consumerism activists. Now, I am anti-consumerism. However, I don't want to not shop tomorrow. Why?

1. I am usually never free to shop on the Friday after Thanksgiving because I'm usually travelling. But this year we celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend for a variety of reasons. I am so excited about being able to go out tomorrow morning.

2. I love the idea of getting up at 4 am to shop. I AM WEIRD LIKE THAT. I am secretly hoping it won't be crowded, which is my favorite way to shop.

3. SALES! I love bargains. Why should I pay *more* to protest consumerism? I am not buying things I wouldn't normally buy because I have control over my spending. I am targeting the deals I want and taking advantage of the loss leaders that are pulling in the other customers. My husband and I will sit together tonight and make out a plan, then I will get up early and go and I will come back with BARGAINS, which are my favorite thing in the world.

I think that anti-consumerism advocates need to come up with a different strategy for combating consumerism. Christmas can be a symbol of consumerism out of control, but it doesn't have to be. For example, I also plan to loot the sales to buy toys and other items to donate to charity.

The problem isn't buying things. It's buying too many things.

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