Sunday, February 17, 2008

The whole brouhaha over Obama's comments about Clinton periodically attacking him when she's feeling down has been disillusioning. But it has introduced me to a lot of great new-to-me bloggers, whom I'm adding to my blogroll.

One of the reasons the thread at LGM was so disappointing was because of how *stupid* some of the comments were. "The word 'periodically' has *never* been used to refer to women's menstruation!" Well, DUH.

I've come to think that it was deliberate on Obama's part, and its function was not necessarily to whistle to the misogynist wavering dogs who might or might not vote for him. I think it was a message to Hillary that he doesn't take her seriously. A bit of trashtalking, as it were. The problem is that so many women in her generation (and I guess I'm counting myself) relate to her that we are taking it personally.

Is it the worst thing in the world to say? Well, of course not. I just expect better of Mr. "Yes We Can." I'd like to hear him say "Yes, we can choose not to allow misogynist discourse influence our words. Yes, we can figure out ways to express ourselves without reverting to sexist stereotypes." He's been saying that words do matter. He's right. And his words matter too.

But I'm also very conscious of what this blogger has pointed out:

I don't want to beat a dead horse on this one but I do, do, do, wish that bloggers and Obama supporters would remember that the morning after the Democratic convention they are going to wake up in bed with a lot of people they've been calling ugly, and we will all be quite sober enough to be really, really, angry about it.

My point exactly.

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Redstar said...

Hi Wendy,

Good morning. I found you in the comments thread over at Lawyer, Guns & Money re: Obama's "periodically" remark. I am part of a grassroots fundraising network of Clinton supporters, The Hillary 1000. We're trying to build a web presence in addition to our e-mail outreach. I hope you'll check out our website:

That page describes our fundraising efforts. The blog aggregates media/blog coverage and support of Clinton, and contains links to other Clinton supporters. If you'd like us to link to you, please let me know.

PS: You make an excellent point, and I agree. It's getting really difficult for many of us supporters to remember that we're supposed to be in this together!