Wednesday, April 02, 2008

You know how you feel when the boy you have a crush on kicks a puppy?

Yet another male blogger/public intellectual disappoints me. This time it's Michael Berube.

After relating the ravings of a few ignorant people in his home town, he writes, "But there you have it– this is now Clinton’s base."


Clinton's base is a significant number of women over 30 or 40. Please don't offend us yet again by ignoring our existence.


Michael Bérubé said...

Dang! Always sorry to disappoint. But two quick things: one, Hillary Clinton is not a puppy. Two, she's running a campaign that insults the intelligence of every over-30 woman I know. Like this one! And three, I was kidding about the "base," as I'll make clear in tomorrow's post.

Dang again! That's three things. I hate when that happens.

Wendy said...

Problem, Michael. I don't read TPM any more! I just found your post because it was linked with your name on one of the blogs I can bear to read these days.

Also, I'd consider it just as mean to kick a pit bull, for the record. ;)

Michael Bérubé said...

Ah, common ground at last! I think it's mean to kick any living being.

Except Karl Rove and Richard Mellon Scaife. But they're among the legions of the undead, so that's kind of a moral gray area.