Monday, June 16, 2008

Bird blogging!

Look at our new friend! Photo by my husband, who has mad photography skills.

I read/skimmed a book once about the suburban backyard and all the wildlife there. I grew up in Long Island, where we had blue jays and squirrels and occasionally tiny frogs if you lived near a sump. But here in SE Mass, we've had:
* nest/eggs, which hatched into baby catbirds
* a lost painted turtle (we brought it back to the local pond)
* bunnies
* groundhog (which my husband kept referring to as "the hedgehog")
* a star-nosed mole
This summer we finally have a backyard deck (small but serviceable), and it's so much fun to sit outside and watch the wildlife visit. Strangely, we have no cats hanging around (which may be why we get so much wildlife).

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