Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Garden Blogging

Inspired by Laura's photo.

This is our third summer in our house. The first summer was just crazy, and we were broke after buying the house in the first place. Last summer was when my father was diagnosed with cancer, and I spent a lot of time with family and didn't think much about gardening. This summer, I set my plans into motion. I removed the huge yews that overwhelmed the front of the house. In their place, I planted some blue star junipers, a butterfly bush, and trellised up a honeysuckle. I also planted marigolds in a row (you can sort of see them--they're orange), circling the bush, then used spare rocks from our very rocky lot as a border. There's also a not-dead-yet small rose plant next to the honeysuckle. I'm seeing what happens.

Later: What to do with the flowering quince I loathe but I can't seem to dig up.

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Anonymous said...

I used not to like the flowering quince which came with our house, but it is in my good graces now because it it so easy to force flowers indoors from cut branches in early spring, when there is nothing else. dave.s.