Monday, June 16, 2008

Party Time

This weekend we had a birthday party for my 9 year old daughter. The theme was ice cream, which is my daughter's favorite thing in the world, and it was in part inspired by the best birthday party I ever went to, Laura Gaizo's party right after 6th grade ended. We had make-your-own sundaes then played ringalevio as darkness fell. I never wanted that party to end.

We planned games like Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream Sundae, and a relay race with ice cream cones and cotton balls and "Freeze Dance" to the Hairspray soundtrack. In reality we got only to the first because we have one of those Intex pools:

Note: I do not have my husband's mad photography skills, alas.

When the girls arrived, I had them all decorate plastic margarita cups with paint-markers; they would be each girl's individual sundae cup. Then I had a treasure hunt, which was HUGE fun. Then they begged to go in the pool. *shrug* OK. They had a BLAST in the pool, and I dragged them out for their sundaes. But then it felt like we squeezed pinata-hitting (shaped like an ice cream cone, natch), Pin the Cherry on the Sundae, and present-opening into about 15 minutes, punctuated with pauses while the girls jumped into the pool. Oh well! I heard many say sotto voce that it was the best birthday party ever, so I'm happy. :)

Next on my agenda: a Webkinz birthday party for my 6 year old son. Yes, I plan to try to recreate Webkinz World in my backyard. Wish me luck.

I don't do this party thing out of any sense of "bigger and better." I have a blast doing it. And I just can't bear the thought of having this huge backyard and kids with summer birthdays and then having a party in some sort of indoor place.

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