Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today is my son's 6th-birthday party., and the theme is Webkinz. We have a Wheel of Wow, a Wishing Well (really a portable slot machine), a Zingoz and t-ball set to play Wacky Zingoz, balloons to play my version of Balloon Darts (I refuse to give 6 year olds darts to throw, so they will sit on them and pop them), and the piece de resistance, a Gem Hunt. The cake will be decorated as the Wheel of Wow. For pre-cake snacking, there will Farm Fresh strawberries, watermelon and (baby) carrots. The colors of the paper goods are all Webkinzy blues, greens, yellows and neon pinks. There is a Frog Pinata for "Candy Bash." (I wish I could have found cheap sombreros.) There will be a cooler full of diet Coke and beer for the parents.

Photos will be forthcoming.


K said...

Very clever theme! I swear my mom got my kids the first two Webkinz every produced a few years ago. I'd never even heard of them. But the kids love them.

Wendy said...

Thanks! You're reminding me that I forgot to post photos.