Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Facebook Etiquette

The eternal question for the social-media-connected teacher:

Do I friend back students who request to friend me on Facebook? This is a new freshperson, and I want to be welcoming. I also do not want to hear about how much beer he drank last night, you know?

For now, I friended him back.

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Mostly Academic said...

I do not friend my students. I did once friend one (who was also a Buffy fan) but after casually perusing his postings, including his friends list, which included a description of "how we met" from his ex-girlfriend which was such a heartfelt all-but-direct plea that the guy please, please call her back and maybe they could still get together? Just for coffee? or something? I thought that frankly, the kid doesn't need me to know that his ex-girlfriend wants him back, and I defriended him, and wrote to him to tell him that friending would involve my knowing more about people's personal lives than I ought to know about my students.

I don't publish much personal stuff on Facebook myself, but I think it's easier to just not cross that line. Facebook is personal, not professional. For me at least.

I've friended a few former students who are now graduated, though. That's entirely different. At their request.