Monday, September 01, 2008

End of Summer

Tomorrow I go back to work, but I'm clinging on to summer with chewed-up fingernails. I haven't gotten anything DONE, I think to myself. Not true.

What I accomplished:
1. A week at Disney.
2. Two major birthday party events for the kids.
3. A week at a beach house.
4. An AACU proposal (rejected, but at least submitted).
5. An online course on how to teach online courses.
6. 10 days in the Pacific Northwest.
7. Painting and refurbishing the basement.
8. Taking on a power-hungry School Department.

What I didn't accomplish:
1. Writing a paper on CSL.
2. Painting my bedroom.

Why do I focus on the latter two???


MH said...

Speaking of #8, I'm very curious as to how that worked out for you.

Wendy said...

Ugh. It's not over yet, though we submitted the affidavit last week. My complaint with the state dept. of ed is being investigated, and there are other parents just as upset with the requirement.

Tonight was a meeting of the school board. Nothing was going to happen as we're all waiting on the state dept. of ed to make a ruling on the case, but I raised some important points about the lack of due process, the ridiculousness of the requirement, and the consequences of disenrolling 149 students.

Yes, 149 students are now currently enrolled without complying with the requirement, but they have until mid September to comply. What will happen then is anybody's guess. If they disenroll them, they lose massive amounts of funding. If they keep them enrolled, then their policy is meaningless.

It's still a clusterfuck of quasi-epic proportions. On a small-town level. :)

MH said...

Then, good luck.