Sunday, November 23, 2008

I mentioned somewhere today that I blog daily on my LJ, which is more anonymous for me. I am also more fangirly and weird there. But maybe I should be posting some of my LJ stuff on my more "professional" blog.

Here's the basic content of my last 10 posts on LJ:
1. What I'm planning to do today.
2. Quiz results identifying my sexuality with a country's. Apparently, my sexuality is Dutch.
3. Noticing that in an article about the Obama girls going to Sidwell Friends, Letitia Baldrige said the kids are probably "athletically inclined" and wondering what that meant.
4. The 30 Rocks Sesame Street sketch from You Tube.
5. Expressing happiness that Geithner was named SoTreasury.
6. Plans to bid on a dogwood tree at a local charity auction. (Got outbid, fyi.)
7. Complaining that I have a headache, am sleepy and have a lot to do.
8. Drooling over Nate Silver after he bitchslapped John Ziegler right good.
9. Describing incident with Security over doing the gated-parking-lot version of jumping the turnstile. Oops. My excuse: I was giving a final in 10 minutes.
10. Complaining about missing papers from students.

Should I be writing more about this stuff? Unclear.

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