Monday, January 19, 2009

Teaching Experience

How many courses have you taught?

I was reading Fish's column on "The Last Professor" and thinking about teaching experience. He observes that the corporate university gets rid of the experienced teachers and replaces them with inexperienced and/or adjuncts.

Anyway, that got me thinking about how many courses I've taught. I had to estimate: 3 per year in grad school. Two years of working as a writing consultant to the public policy program, so no classroom teaching. Then 2-4 courses per year while I was part-time then full-time running a tutoring program. 6 per year during my 1-year position. 2 per year during the two years I was part-time. And now in this job, I average 12 courses per year (though we have trimesters, so that number is slightly deceptive).

I counted 96 courses, and I'll hit 100 by the end of this academic year.


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Libby said...

I'll be at 85 by the end of the year (estimating, but I'm probably close).