Monday, February 02, 2009


On Friday my daughter had a dance performance. At intermission, the senior company held a 50-50 raffle, and we bought tickets. When they announced the raffle prize was $90, I turned to my daughter and joked "that would buy a lot of socks!" (Long story) I was so ready to take that money if we won.

Then one of Sophie's classmates had the winning ticket. She went up to the front and donated her winnings back to the senior company.

Wow. I was shamed.

Thing is, I didn't need that money. Yet I was so ready to take it.

Somehow I can't help thinking about this situation. Here you have a couple who saw a family in need, then bid on their belongings, then donated the belongings back to the family. And now the family is angry!

After the performance, I was reading my daughter a bedtime story when the phone rang. I had been avoiding the call, knowing it was a charity appeal of some kind. I picked up this time. It was Doctors Without Borders telling me about the humanitarian crisis in the Congo. I donated $50.

I didn't tell my daughter it was because I was embarrassed when her classmate donated back her winnings. I told her it was because I wanted to protect Gorilla's homeland. (Gorilla is her/our beloved toy, and he was sitting between us as we sat there.)

I'm not sure what which would have been the better lesson.

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