Saturday, May 02, 2009

April is the cruelest month

I last posted on March 30. Huh.

Work was a bit overwhelming in April. We always have tons of meetings and end-of-year activities in April. The month concluded with a presentation on my community service-learning experience given before the college president, provost, and a few VPs. No stress there.

Now my university is closed for the weekend because of we have a case of swine flu. The PTB will review the situation on Sunday night to see if we will reopen.

I understand logically that as a new mutation of a virus, the swine flu must be carefully monitored and dealt with. But emotionally, I can't bring myself to care very much. My family is healthy; we live in a fairly healthy state. My son has asthma and would probably be negatively affected, but there are any number of respiratory viruses that can affect him, and winter/flu season is always a risky time for us.

The crazy selfish part of me secretly hopes the university will close for the next 3 weeks, and when we're all allowed back, it'll be commencement time and then summer vacation. :) Yeah, I think I'm ready for summer in a big way.

On Tuesday morning, my daughter discovered a nest of robin's eggs in the rhodedendron next to our side door. A search of Google says they will hatch in about 2 weeks, so long as squirrels or blue jays don't attack them. I see it as my responsibility for the next 2 weeks to keep the squirrels distracted. They have figured out how to get around my baffle and open up the bird feeder and help themselves. I'll let them do this for the next two weeks, until the eggs hatch.


Jackie said...

Is April always this bad, or was it particularly bad this year? I felt like I barely got through the month with all my limbs and sanity intact.

Wendy said...

Yes, but also yes. :) I think the yucky weather also didn't help--not enough sunshine/warmth to regenerate with.