Monday, June 29, 2009

Unions and salaries and overtime pay

A commenter at 11D contended that academic K-12 teachers resent/have resented in the past, PE teachers for having less work to do. I disagreed and mentioned that my father had never complained about PE teachers. Well, when I saw him this weekend, I asked him, and he said yes, he and the other teachers resented the PE teachers for doing less work and making the same money.

That led to a discussion that is kind of interesting to me. My dad obsreved that teaching is the only job where you get paid *less* for overtime. As we had just spent the previous evening talking with my NYPD brother-in-law about his desire to work as much overtime as possible so he can get the biggest pension possible when he retires next month (at age 41, may I add), I realized how true that is! Even my overloads as a professor aren't really as much as my full-time salary.

I also just ran across this article in my RSS feed. People always blame teachers for refusing to do extra, for, as Mathews puts it, "It is, [critics of teacher unions] contend, a sign of how unions dumb down public education by focusing on salaries, not learning."

I cannot even imagine expecting a police officer agreeing to work an extra hour a week for no money. And they have people's safety in their hands.

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Amy P said...

Joanne Jacobs has a post up about union interference with a Baltimore KIPP school that pays extra for extra hours of work.