Saturday, September 26, 2009

Different Minds: Meta

AmyP has said that Different Minds by Deirdre Lovecky feels like 3 books in one. She's so right! I'm currently struggling with summarizing Chapter 4, which is about Cognitive Differences in Gifted Kids with Attention Deficits.

There is the book that explains the learning deficits and all the previous research on these disorders.
There is the book that describes kids who are gifted and have one or more of these learning deficits.
There is the book that gives suggestions, like a how-to manual, for dealing with these kids.

It's a huge amount of information.

The funny thing is that specific as this book is, I still have questions about where my son fits in. Is he visual-spatial? Or is he auditory-sequential? I was convinced he was the former, then I read the latter and was convinced he was that. He doesn't hear very well, doesn't process information that way very effectively. So how could he be auditory-sequential? Could he be visual-sequential? Spatial-sequential?

We're having a lot of difficulty getting him to follow directions. My kids are so different. My daughter will follow directions the first or sometimes second time, but she'll bitch the whole time about it. E will put it off and put it off and put it off until you're screaming at him, then he'll do it with a smile on his face, like he can't think of anything better to do than put the yogurt lid in the trash can.

OK, I've put off tackling the rest of Chapter 4 long enough.

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