Thursday, October 15, 2009


A week ago, the orthopedist removed my cast and declined to put any additional boot or device on my ankle and pronounced me ready to drive (yay!) and walk on crutches.

What this meant was that my family figured I was ready to 1. go to NY and 2. resume my everyday activities and 3. take care of them.

Today my ankle is rebelling from all the extra activity, so I decided to bang in today. However much I need the rest, though, I know I will end up working on cleaning/organizing.

One of the problems that AS/ADHD kids have is "executive functioning." This means that E will bring his homework folder into the bedroom to show me his spelling words aren't in it, leave it there, go with me into the living room to look for his spelling words then, when his spelling words are found, he will say "Where's my homework folder?" And really not know where to look.

And my husband isn't really strong in this area, either. Yet I keep meeting resistance when I try to get everyone organized. *sigh* My husband made it very clear that while I was in the cast, cleaning was *not* going to be his priority. And now my house is a mess. Now that we have the dog, we have dog hair mixed in with the usual dust, detritus and scraps of paper.

I've been researching books on "executive functioning" as right now that seems to be the major area of concern for E. I have Late, Lost and Unprepared and Smart But Scattered on hold at the library, plus I ordered a copy of Tools of the Mind, the curriculum featured recently in the NY Times and also in Nurtureshock.

Socially, things seem to be improving a little. E now has Cub Scouts every week, which he seems to enjoy (though he's had only one den meeting so far). I still need to work on the social networking with the other parents at school, but I'm starting the process 6 weeks late, and I have to remember it takes some time.

His latest favorite activity is making potholders. I'd bought one of these once upon a time, and a few weeks ago I brought it out for some reason, and he has really taken to it. In fact, we bought a large bag of more loops. He follows the directions beautifully and makes gorgeous designs. He's very good at seeing the patterns and keeping track of everything. But now I have way more too-small potholders than I need. :)

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Amy P said...

Speaking of executive function, I keep hearing about boys who do their homework only to miss out on getting credit for it because they never remember to turn it in and it's turning into papier mache at the bottom of their backpacks.