Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Flu Shot Moms

I can't say I'm emerging from grading hell. I spent 2 hours tonight grading. A weird series of quirks of fate gave me a fairly light schedule this term. I have one final tomorrow, 15 students, and then I'm done.

The past few weeks I've spent in frequent consultation with the Flu Shot Moms. They're a bunch of colleagues, all moms, obviously. We all have kids with respiratory issues, considered high risk if they contract H1N1. And so we've all been invested heavily in finding flu shots for our respiratorily challenged boys--and they're all boys, for some reason.

However, one of the boys of the Flu Shot Moms got H1N1 last week. He started showing symptoms about 4 days after he got the shot. He didn't have enough time to develop the antibodies. But he is fine now--has been through the first run of it and the secondary relapse. So the Flu Shot Moms are feeling a bit relieved, though I'm sure we all think to ourselves "Oh, my son's issues are worse than their sons' issues!" It's part and parcel of being a Flu Shot Mom.

My son got his shot today. A week or two ago, the school district gave a round of shots to 60 kids who were hand-picked by the school nurses as those at highest risk in the district. After several consultations with the Flu Shot Moms, I got huffy and vented on a public bulletin board for my town. Who was making these decisions? How could a child with asthma not be considered among the highest risk children in the district? How could there be 60 other kids in the district worse off than my son? I had a good rant going.

Not two hours later, the phone rang. It was the school, telling me that my son was eligible for the next round of shots. Woohoo! I became Smug Flu Shot Mom!

And then I got to the clinic today (held in the auditorium--how incredibly awkward a waiting room!) and I looked around and saw every kid that sits with mine at the nut-free/dairy-free table. :) E was uncharacteristically recognizing other kids right and left. You get to know the other highly allergic kids, I guess! They seemed to have more than 100 doses this time; we were number 94.

And in a month, we do this all over again. *sigh*

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