Monday, November 16, 2009


Via Ginmar:

Hassan's faith was incidental to the fact that for all intents and purposes he was just another single white loser who couldn't get a date and as he stewed in his own bitterness he got more and more mad and blamed others for it. Classic. Add to this the anti-Muslim prejudice he apparently experienced, and you got yourself another single white loser shooting, like school shootings, mall shootings, post office shootings, Amish school house shootings, etc. etc., ad nauseum, the end. Add bombs in there and you get Timothy McVeigh. I'm not saying precisely that exposure to feminism would have kicked these guys' asses out into the world and given them coping skills, but the absence of women in their lives was notable, and seems fairly typical of guys who turn violent.

My thoughts exactly.

ETA: I was just interrupted by a student who brought me a gift and told me I was one of her favorite professors here. The gift is a necklace from Tibet. Beautiful!

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