Friday, November 13, 2009

What's On My Mind

Can't seem to get up the mental energy for a whole post, so I'll go the numbered-list route:

1. Amy, I'll do Chapter 7 of Different Minds. Eventually.

2. Google Reader: I think I am oversubscribed because I can't quite keep up. So much interesting stuff to read out there, and I blame Prof Hacker for being especially interesting, useful and prolific.

3. Sitcoms: When did they become so awesome again? I haven't been watching more than 1 or 2 a season, but now I have 7 must-see sitcoms: HIMYM, BBT, The Office, 30 Rock, relative newcomer Parks and Rec, and 2 brand new sitcoms, Community and The Middle. At least 3 of these sitcoms feature characters who probably have Asperger's: BBT, Community, and The Middle.

4. Holidays: They're really a mess this year in my family circle, and now everything is further complicated because my nephew's birthday is December 23 (his first birthday is coming up). Not to mention the additional complications that my dad can't travel very far.

5. H1N1: We're in the middle of a clusterf*** because we live in MA but our pediatrician is in RI. But the end result is that Asthma Boy was just invited to get the H1N1 vaccine on Tuesday via the school district. I am guessing he has been identified as high risk, which makes sense because he is Asthma Boy. He's also undergoing sublingual immunotherapy, and who knows what that's doing to his immune system, plus he has an awful case of molluscum that his body isn't getting around to fighting off.

6. My ankle: It is pretty much better now, and I'm left with soreness (arthritis?) in the knees. I'm going up and downstairs pretty well now, and the crutch has long been put aside.

7. Hot air balloons: As I left the house one morning (at 6:45 am!), I glanced to the right and saw one flying over the kids' school.

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Amy P said...

Very good--I knew I should wait to hear from you before starting 7.

"At least 3 of these sitcoms feature characters who probably have Asperger's: BBT, Community, and The Middle."

What do we think of Dwight Shrute? Or is he just sui generis?