Monday, December 07, 2009


My son, writing on the following prompt:

Pretend you are a turkey and write a list of reasons why you should not be on the menu for Thanksgiving dinner.

He wrote:

1. I wouldn't want to be tryed and puked out by little children that haven't had turkey before because that would be waisting my flesh.
2. There is an increasing number of people that like turkey so then all of my turkey friends will be very sad. But it would be worse because the turkeys that are related to me would die too.
3. If there are left-overs and everybody was full (even the pets) then I would be thrown in the trash can. So that would be waisting my flesh (again (see on Reason #1)).
4. It would be very painful being roasted and toasted by the hot and steamy grill. I would hate it so much; and so much that I would really, really want to be a human.

All errors are his.

He also had to write about what he was thankful for. He wrote:

"I am thankful for my family because my family brings me toys that I want. The stuff that I mostly want is lego. I even save up for lego! Right now, I am saving up for the recycle truck and the tow truck. They might sound boring but I know they aren't."

It's accompanied by a picture he drew of him asking me "Mom, can I have 9 dollars?" and me answering "No." Four times. In other words, a true representation of reality. :) However, it doesn't illustrate his point!

His teacher wrote on the side of the page: "Please stick to one topic: your family or legos!"

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