Friday, January 22, 2010

The Juggle

I've been on the run almost constantly since the holiday vacation, and I don't really see it easing up very much.

The work situation is somewhat stable/predictable. I had a tough week this week because I had grading to return to students, plus I had conferences with about 8 students. I basically am at work from 9:20 to 2:40 4 days a week (20 hours), and 12 of those hours are in class.

Normally I can get a bit of work done at home, but there is where things got complicated.

First, I agreed to write two encyclopedia entries. Normally, when one signs up for such assignments, one has several months before the deadline. Much to my surprise, the deadline was in December. I missed it and got an extension till January 15. I missed that deadline by a few days, too.

Second, because my schedule is more flexible, I tend to be in charge of ferrying the children about. Tuesday at 5:30: My daughter goes to dance class. Wednesday at 3:30: my son has a psychologist appointment. Thursday at 4:30: Cub Scouts. And now I've added in Lego Club on Fridays at 3 pm.

Third, I mistakenly got it into my head to start reading The Girl Who Played With Fire, by Steig Larsson. I had been waiting for it on hold at the libary, but I suddenly was overcome with the overwhelming desire to read it immediately, so I downloaded it to my Touch via the Kindle app. I had several late nights staying up reading, but I'm done now and have decided to give myself the early birthday present of the UK edition of the third and final book in the series, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

And then there are the one-time things this week: finding a costume for my daughter's dance solo (performance next Friday night); the elementary school art show; an AANE panel on Wednesday night (very interesting); a Cub Scout cake auction for which I baked and decorated a cake as a baseball field (my idea--and probably the one truly fun thing I did all week).

Now my body aches all over, but I have to think ahead for next week and make sure next week's juggle doesn't end with me tripping over a bunch of balls I've dropped.

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