Saturday, April 03, 2010


We were not seriously affected by the severe flooding in Rhode Island despite our proximity. Our basement did have a few inches of water in the furnace room, but none of it expanded to the finished area of the basement. We have had minor flooding there often, so everything is mostly up and off the floor. I should also note that my husband spent a lot of time watching the situation and using buckets to catch the water as it flowed in via the chimney. He also kept the dehumidifier running.

The other morning, my daughter took the dog for a walk and she said "I counted 12 hoses" coming from people's basements. Today I walked the dog, and not only were there hoses everywhere but also dumpsters. A lot of ruined basement furniture. What a shame. :(

As local Providence bloggers pointed out, a lot of this damage could have been avoided. The Warwick Mall had up to 20 inches of water inside. Well, check out where they built the mall:

I'm simply repeating the excellent post I linked to, so I'll let you take a look. But it's amazing how society takes risks thinking that the chances of bad things happening are so small.

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