Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My father-in-law passed away on Friday. My husband, who knew him best, is convinced that he had Asperger Syndrome, like our son. He was socially awkward and introverted, into routines, and had obsessions. He also was an inflexible thinker. A note on my FIL's obit guestbook says: "I worked with [FIL] at [workplace] and knew him over 40 years. He was such a perfectionist about all his work. I will miss him." Aha. This is where my son gets it.

Like many with AS in the family, I now see it everywhere. Check out this guy:

What I am also finding is that E is very competitive with his sister (and vice versa). S plays the flute in 5th grade band. Well, now E is obsessed with the idea of playing the saxophone. He is too little for the sax, so he will be starting clarinet lessons tomorrow (his sister will be starting flute lessons). His sister wrote a 52 page, multi-chapter story. Well, now E has to write a story with chapters. He is on Chapter 2 now. It's about a kid who had no name until he was 13. Then he named himself Rodger. Chapter 2 is the first day of high school.

My job for the next few weeks is to get E some playdates. We put up the pool in the backyard, so that will be a draw if it stays warm enough. There are the Legos, but the kids are in the process of building a city downstairs with the Lego, and new people disrupt the city planning. I am afraid of conflict there. I think I may buy some more outdoor toys.

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