Saturday, July 10, 2010

Checking In

I figured I should check in and write about what's been going on.

1. I have no social life, which is why I am typing this post at 8:30 on a Saturday night. :)
2. My daughter does have a social life, which is why she is off at a sleepover, thus freeing me from the nightly project to watch every Doctor Who episode in existence. I am regretting introducing that girl to the show.
3. We were on vacation for two weeks. We went to Yellowstone and saw bears, but fortunately, far enough away so they did not try to bite me.

That photo is by my husband, by the way.
4. My son has begun attending a 6-week summer social skills program at a local autism center. The kids there are all high-functioning, mainly Asperger's kids. The parents are all lovely, and it is such a relief to talk to other parents dealing with the same stuff.
5. My son is ending up being quite the arrogant brat who refuses to practice his greetings. He gets into a whole literalism thing that he uses as a weapon. "When we meet someone we haven't seen in a while, we say what?" "Oh, you want me to say What. OK, what!" *sigh* We have more practice tomorrow, as we will be hanging out with our friend Matt and his wife and kids, who will be on the Cape for the week instead of in New Jersey.
6. Both my kids have had birthdays the past two weeks. My daughter had a small at-home birthday party, and my son will have a Lego birthday party at home next weekend. Meanwhile, the house is littered with Legos and Lego creations.
7. I taught my son how to do Sudoku and got him a book of the puzzles. Yes, I am looking for peace and quiet. He has two modes: total absorption in what he's doing, or "I'm bored."
8. I am determined not to allow my children to wallow next to me all day wondering what to do, so I am bribing them to go outside and do household chores by setting up a reward system trading screen time for outdoor play/playdates/household chores. We'll see how it works, but I suspect my daughter is already plotting how to game the system.
9. I really thought Joel McHale deserved an Emmy nomination over Matthew Morrison.
10. I missed my dog while were on vacation. Here is a pic of her.

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