Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Geeky 40 Year Old Gift Guide

Here's my version of a geeky gift guide for geeky moms.

Special gloves
that make it easy to use iPod/Phone/Pad in cold weather.

World links necklace.

Alone Together, by my new favorite academic-type, Sherry Turkle.

Cooking Light Way to Cook Vegetarian.

Calendar icon pillows.

Sherlock on DVD. Mmm, Benedict Cumberbatch.

New York pencil set.


Anonymous said...

I have to point out that my teen friend passed on the trick of controlling your iPhone with your nose in cold weather, and it's been very useful. I managed to take video while ice skating by using my nose to control the camera.


Wendy said...

bj, heh. Well, I always end up having to scroll my Twitter screen down and down, and I'm sure that would look quite weird doing that with my nose. :)