Sunday, February 26, 2012

Education "Reform"

It's no secret that I am a fan the public school system. I think the system itself is good, though like all systems, there are going to be some weak points. I mean, there are some pretty awful doctors out there, but I think the medical profession is a pretty damned thing. Also, full disclosure, a friend's spouse works in Central Falls as a teacher.

But even without both those things in mind, you have to agree that installing a 22 year old as a teacher with no teaching experience in a troubled school district was a pretty lousy idea. I'm pretty sure they fired a perfectly capable, experienced chemistry teacher to give this moron a job.

To sum up, she started in August 2011 (ah yeah, August 2011, a month during which my friend's spouse was desperately looking for work after having been fired after 10 years as a teacher for no good reason other than "education reform"). So while they were firing my friend's spouse, they were hiring Emma Wise, who within 2 months was having sex with one of her students and buying him and his friends alcohol.

So, who hired such an incredibly inappropriate person to teach high school students? Why, Michelle Rhee, of course.

OK, not Rhee directly, but her organization The New Teachers Project. They train these people for 5 weeks then send them into a district like Central Falls, and what do they expect? Really?

This is education reform?

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Amy P said...


To do Rhee justice, a lot of more conventionally trained teachers have been doing the same thing. The whole trend of female teachers carrying on with underage male students has been pretty mind-blowing to me. A lot of these women have been cute and/or married, so it's not like they didn't have many other opportunities. Is this new, or did it use to happen and we just never heard about it? I taught 15 and 16-year old boys in my very early 20s, and while I fielded a number of remarks, basic prudence and self-respect require staying the hell away from 15-year-old boys when you're a high school teacher.

I wonder if there are any warning signs that principals need to bear in mind when hiring.