Monday, February 27, 2012

I've been reading The Secret Life of Pronouns, by James Pennebaker, and I've been looking at some reviews and his website and found a series of quizzes on one part of his website. Here are my results on the LIFE survey:

Your responses suggest several things about you. Overall, there are four major dimensions to people's daily behaviors:

Dimension 1: Suburbanite

People high on the suburbanite dimension tend to live a more conventional lifestyle. Their home is their castle. They like to cook, do yardwork, and keep things clean and organized. Suburbanites like their cars, SUVs, and pickups. Young suburbanites watch MTV and listen to the occasional heavy metal. Those who are a little older tend to watch ESPN and listen to country music. The suburbanites also are somewhat more family oriented, conservative, and healthy in their daily behaviors.

Your score on the Suburbanite dimension (which ranges from 0 to 13) is: 8. By most estimates, you would be considered MODERATE on this dimension -- neither too suburban but not too unconventional.

Dimension 2: Cultured

People high on the cultured dimension tend to get involved with all parts of life in order to better themselves and those around them. They often go to museums, do volunteer work, organize study groups and do a lot of writing-- whether it's letters to friends, personal journals, or short stories. Although they love to read, most would not be considered shy. Their musical tastes can be quite broad -- ranging from jazz and classical to hiphop. People high in Culture also like time to themselves. They also have an unhealthy appreciation of Macintosh computers.

Your score on the Cultured dimension (which ranges from 0 to 13) is: 7. Overall, you are fairly MODERATE on this dimension. You aren't taking your yoga classes too seriously -- that's probably good.

Dimension 3: Slacker

People high on the slacker dimension tend to spend a lot of their time on their computer. They download music, chat, and play computer games at high rates. They like to play other games as well -- pool, poker, and occasional board games. Parts of their lifestyle are unhealthy -- lots of TV, fast food, smoking, drinking, and just staring into space. They also have a slight hostile streak -- with a higher than usual rate of arguments with friends.

Your score on the Slacker dimension (which ranges from 0 to 13) is: 6. Good news. You are MODERATE on this dimension. You enjoy your time with computers and games but probably aren't obsessed with them. You like living on the edge occasionally but have an appreciation of a healthy lifestyle.

Dimension 4: Preppie

People high on the preppie dimension are concerned with how they are seen by others. It is important that they look good to others. They spendPreppies also seek structure in their lives. They make to-do lists, like their home and workspace clean and organized. They watch Oprah, Desperate Housewives, and reality dating shows on TV. Their music preferences are for pop and soundtracks. Women tend to score higher on this dimension than men. Not surprisingly, they rate themselves as agreeable, reliable workers, and not lazy.

Your score on the Preppie dimension (which ranges from 0 to 12) is: 4. You are relatively LOW on this dimension. This often reflects the fact that you are relatively happy with your appearance and the ways others see you. You might have some tendencies to slob-like behavior. Hey, it never hurts to clean your room occasionally.

That fourth dimension part really has me pegged. :) "tendencies to slob-like behavior"? LOL, yes.

Off to take more quizzes....

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