Monday, February 20, 2012

Some Random Pics

I'm not a photographer like Laura, but I like to use the iPod Touch to capture things. We've been house-hunting lately, nothing urgent, just trying to find the right house while remaining in our town--not an easy task.

I liked what this family did with the ladder, using it as a way to display hanging planters.

One of the homes had a poster for Singing in the Rain I'd never seen before. The images of the three actors look nothing like the real actors.

The basement of this house was like a time capsule. This calendar was behind a workbench and never replaced.

A couple of more recent photos:

The exact place where I got married, right next to that lilac bush.

My dog traveling with us, *inside* the car, not on top a la Romney. FTR, we were in traffic approaching the Cross Bronx, so we opened the window a bit so she could get some fresh air.


Amy P said...

Do you want a better house or a better location, or both? And what's your preferred house style?

Wendy said...

The issue is both house and location. If we loved the location, we'd just expand our house to a second floor, which would be easy, but since we don't love the location...>
The problem is that most of my town was built in the 1960s, which means most of the houses are ranches or raised ranches, and I loathe raised ranches. We want a colonial or cape--something with the bedrooms on the second floor. We also live in a long skinny town. I have been driving to the other side of town for DI meetings, and it's 7 miles, and she doesn't even live in the furthest north end. To get there is 10 miles, and I'm not even in the furthest part of the south end. Meanwhile, I am walking distance to the town on the east border and a mile away from the town on the west border. So I want something more central, especially since the middle school is in the north end and the HS is in the center.


MH said...

This is a nice Victorian. Neighborhood is kind of iffy, but not that bad.

Amy P said...

A quarter million for "kind of iffy"!

I like the cobalt blue living room and the fuchsia bath. The light lavender bath I don't care for--too weak.

MH said...

That would be over $400k in Shadyside. Prices are up here.