Thursday, May 31, 2012


Last night was my daughter's first rehearsal at a summer youth wind ensemble. Fortunately, a friend went with her, and two other kids from her school were there. This was important because after an hour or so of rehearsal, my daughter was pretty well convinced it was too hard for her. However, thanks to her friend being there and her being able to talk about the difficulty, I think she and her friend will persevere. She's only just eligible to join this ensemble; she is entering 8th grade next year, and the ensemble ranges from 8th to 12th grade.

Neither of my children has been challenged very much in their lives, and I desperately want them to have those challenges. It works better, because of their contrary natures and my husband's and my easygoing natures, for them to be challenged by others rather than us. But it is so hard to find things that challenge them and to motivate them to see the challenges through.

My husband would say it's genetic--we're both somewhat lazy and underachieving ourselves. And I can't really argue. Here it is, the last day of May, and I have a long list of summer projects, yet I can't seem to get myself up out of this bed and get started.... So much easier just to stay here and read.

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