Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Unpaid Work of the PTO Mom

Technically, I'm not a PTO mom, but this week I sure feel like it. Last Tuesday I chaperoned a field trip for the middle school. On Saturday I volunteered at our annual Spring Fling, which was moved indoors thanks to pouring rain. Yesterday, I served lunch for the Band Festival instructors. Tonight is a Band Concert. Thursday is Middle School Awards Night, and Friday is the Band Festival Field Trip to the Swim Club. Add to that a School Committee meeting last night and my volunteering to be on the committee interviewing for a new fifth grade teacher, and I'm putting in over 20 hours this week on school-related stuff.

Going out the window: any hope of cooking healthy meals this week. Last night was pizza. Tonight will likely be Wendy's. Who knows about Wednesday because I am pretty much screwed. I think I've been invited to a BBQ. Maybe I can eat and run?