Monday, September 03, 2012

The Benefits of Private Education

A friend of the family lives 1.8 miles from the Catholic school where she sends her 7 year old son. The bus company just notified her that her son will be picked up at 6:33 am for an 8:05 start time.

No. Fucking. Way.

She's going to go medieval on the people who invented going medieval. Karma....


AmyP said...

I can't find a cite right now, but I recently read an example of the bus thing happening in public systems, too, apparently as a way to discourage close-in families from using the buses.

AmyP said...

When I was a country kid, our school bus route ran from the Indian reservation to "town" (town being a place with population in the moderate four figures), a considerable distance. The district, in its wisdom, ran only one bus for both the elementary and the older kids, despite the schools' starting at very different times. When I was in the intermediate (4-6) school, that meant that we little kids all got up bright and early to meet the high school bus and then spent something like 45 minutes every day hanging out with an aide on the covered playground until our schools opened. There were about half a dozen of us early kids on that route.

Oh, and the bus didn't run down our actual road. The school district paid a lady with a van to collect everybody on our road (6 to 8 kids, most years) and bring us to the highway to meet the bus. Our family lived 5 miles from the highway and we were the very closest--everybody else was further up the road. Some years later, there weren't as many kids on our road as before and the school district decided to stop paying the lady with the van, in the expectation that the remaining families would get their kids to the highway, making at least a 10-mile round trip to do so. I forget how the whole thing shook out, but as I recall, my parents were so incensed that they just kept the kids home in protest until the district cracked and provided transportation again.