Tuesday, February 26, 2013


We've been racking up points on our Southwest credit card but have run out of places we're dying to go as a family, so I decided to use some of our miles to take my mom to Florida for a few days. This works out well. The schedule where I work is a bit off kilter, and I am generally giving final exams while all the public schools are on February vacation, then sitting around the house the last week in February. Sometimes I try to plan a vacation for us from Thursday to Monday, but this year I decided it was time my mom got away and had a vacation. She spent most of 2006 taking care of my terminally ill grandmother and then most of 2007-2011 caring for my bedridden terminally ill father. And now she is on a fixed income, with half my dad's pension and no social security because she never worked. This is her first real vacation in about 6 years, but don't cry too hard for her because she and my dad went to Hawaii three times from 2000-2005.

Anyway, we are here:

Seeing some of these:

and some of these:

It's been lovely, but we have to go back tomorrow. I've left my husband in charge. Last night we Facetimed and I asked him what he did all day, and he said "I got the kids off to school, then I went to work from 9:30-3, then I came home when the kids came home, then I took S to dance, then I walked the dog, then I made dinner. And now I'm *exhausted*." And after I stopped laughing, I pointed out that that is what I do every single day--and then, after dinner, I often prep class or grade.

So, he misses me. :)

Tonight he has his German-class friend over for dinner and German conversation. His German-class friend happens to be the husband of my colleague/good friend, who also happens to be in Sweden this term teaching, and their college-aged daughter is with her. So he's on his own till May, so it's good that we have him over sometimes.

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AmyP said...

Moms need sunshine.

My mom needs her yearly 10-day trip to the Southwest to warm up.